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Structural Textile Design Interlacing And Interlooping


General Information
Author(s) NAWAB Y
Publisher Taylor and Francis
ISBN 9781498779432
Pages 284
Binding Hardbound
Language English
Publish Year May 2017


Taylor and Francis Structural Textile Design Interlacing And Interlooping by NAWAB Y

The properties of woven and knitted fabrics differ largely due to the path yarn follows in the fabric structure. This path determines the fabric’s physical properties, mechanical properties, and appearance. A slight variation to the design may result in entirely different properties for the fabric. Structural Textile Design provides detailed insight on different types of designs used for the production of woven and knitted fabrics, highlighting the effect design has on a fabric’s properties and applications. With focus on the techniques used to draw designs and produce them on weaving and knitting machines, this book will be of great interest to textile engineers, professionals and graduate students in textile technology and manufacturing.

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